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We won’t invite you to register on the WorkLB platform until it’s clear there is work waiting for you. You then register with a link provided by one of the local organizations that are part of WorkLB. That organization will become your employer-of-record.

About registration

WorkLB aims to offer you as many relevant types of work as possible. (You can reject any you don’t like.) To do that, we need to understand what certification you have, anything else that might help you get quality work and your preferences for work. 

We also want to know how far you will travel and times you want to work. Inputting this information should take about 15 minutes. You can stop and come back at any time. The WorkLB app can be downloaded to your phone. But it will be much easier to complete registration on the web.

After registration there will be an interview (online or in-person) with the organization that invited you to register. 

If you have not already registered 

If you have already input your details on the WorkLB site skip to the bottom of this page. But if you are registering for the first time, your link will take you through to two pages shown below.




The first page creates your log-in details. (Each organization partnering with WorkLB will use its own words and images on the platform. These examples use a made-up organization to give you a general idea of what to expect.):


The second screen asks for key personal information:

B reg.png

That’s it! You are now registered on the platform. The organization needs to confirm that it is willing to be your employer of record. They will probably want an online or face-to-face meeting to talk this through with you. Their next steps will be explained on the next screen:

C reg.png

The next four pages help you enter more details about yourself. It will be helpful if you work through them before meeting with the employer of record:

1) Selecting your badges

2) Setting your rules

3) Building your profile

4) When can you work?

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