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1) Selecting your badges

Each organization on the WorkLB platform has a set of digital badges that can be confirmed for each worker. The more badges that apply to you, the more types of work you can do. Here's how to input your badges:


On the main menu top left of your screen click “Settings”:

D reg.png

The first badges we want to know about are your Preferences, are you generally willing to do work with certain requirements? You might be asked will you wear a mask at work? Are you happy working with the public? Can you lift loads of a certain weight? Here’s what the screen will roughly look like:

230322 Badges.png

Now we want to know about any relevant certificates you have. These will then be confirmed by the employer of record.


At the top of the screen click the REQUEST button:

230321 Badges 2.png

You will see a list of Credentials. We want to know which ones apply to you. For example: if you have completed a training course that is listed you should say so. There may then be some Tags, these are other types of certificate that may apply to you.

230321 Badges 3.png

Once you have worked down the list, click the REQUEST button at the bottom of the screen. Your employer of record will need to confirm the certificates you have said you have, so remember to bring them along to a meeting.

           2) Setting your rules

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