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4) When can you work?

Some people have predictable lives and want to work at the same times each week. Some people have a lot going on and need work to fit around all that. Others have some regularity but need to change times they can work occasionally. We can accommodate any of these situations.


To tell us the hours you are available, go to your main menu bar and click the calendar icon:

Z - reg.png

If you are generally able to work at the same times each week, you can enter a pattern of regular availability. (Don’t worry, you can change it for all future weeks at any time, or you can change it for just one week at a time.)


Here’s how to enter times when you are regularly available:

Y reg.png

If you need to enter availability for a specific week, use the "Update my Availability for ...." option and select the week you want. (Any regular weekly hours you entered will be showing on the grid.) Click and drag to turn times you are available yellow which means available. Click and drag again to turn them back to gray, meaning you do not want work at that time.

X - reg.png

When you have finished the grid might look like this:

W reg.png

You can enter available hours up to ten weeks ahead. And you can change your availability on your phone or on the web at any time.


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