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WorkLB for PHEM workers

Funding for Covid programs will be winding down. PHEM workers demonstrated reliability, professionalism, and initiative during the pandemic. We want to help you leverage that into employment elsewhere.


WorkLB is a program from Pacific Gateway, the public workforce board covering Long Beach and surrounding cities. We use a sophisticated (but easy to use) platform for work-seekers. It was originally developed by the UK's National Health Service, the world's biggest provider of healthcare. 


The platform can build a verified track record of your hours completed for PHEM. Combined with your skills and life experience, this is offered to quality employers around the city. Currently these include the School District and Cambrian Homecare, with others coming on-board soon.



How does it work?


  1. You tell us you are interested by completing the short survey above. 

  2. You accept the WorkLB agreement and authorize HHS to copy your basic data and work schedules across to the WorkLB platform.

  3. You can download the WorkLB app to your phone and/or use the WorkLB system on the web.

  4. We advise you when the data has arrived. You can view it. When your first schedule is entered, you get a text and can see your daily work calendar in the app.  

  5. A WorkLB team member will get in touch to ask about your work experience and ambitions. This will be translated into digital badges in the platform.


This is the first phase. We are then exploring with HHS how you could: 


  • Offer any extra hours you want to work to PHEM.

  • Tap in and out of your worksites on the app to immediately enter times of work in your timesheets.

  • Accumulate additional digital badges that will help build connections with other employers.


As PHEM funding winds down, we may ask if you want to transition your record of work hours and range of skills to other employer(s). This can all happen seamlessly within the platform. 






Your protections


  • Joining WorkLB will not change anything about your employment or times of work with PHEM. 

  • Data in the WorkLB system will belong to HHS until you chose to transition to another employer at which point it will be passed to them.

  • WorkLB is operated by Pacific Gateway Workforce Partnership, the non-profit within Pacific Gateway focused on innovation that benefits workers. Your data will never be shared with outside organizations without permission. 





The WorkLB program is unique. It won US Conference of Mayors’ prize for best community-led job development initiative in America. We piloted during the pandemic with childcare workers. Now the city is enabling expansion to multiple types of employment.


WorkLB is new, exciting, and evolving. It is being replicated by other cities around the US in 2023. As you get to know us, we would welcome your input into the program’s planning.


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