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WorkLB work-seekers agreement

Welcome to the Pacific Gateway Workforce Partnership (“PGWP”) work registry! This work registry is for individuals seeking to work at times of their choosing (i.e. “gig work”) and will allow you to connect with employers, staffing agencies and recruiters.


PGWP is pleased to offer you access to this registry. Below are a few key items that you must agree to and acknowledge in order to use the registry. You must also review and acknowledge the site’s Terms and Conditions (


1- Please know that your use of this Registry does not create an employment relationship, joint-employment relationship or co-employment relationship of any kind with PGWP.


2- Based on information you may voluntarily provide to the Registry, PGWP, at its sole discretion, may assign “badges” indicating your qualifications and experience, including but not limited to, your certifications, credentials, work preferences, training, licensing or work schedule.


3- If you create an account with PGWP or provide your resume/CV or other information to PGWP, PGWP may use this information to send you information about potential work openings or to provide your resume/CV or other information to a potential employer, employment agency, recruiter, or third parties.


4- Be prepared to participate in required onboarding for employers.  Each employer, not PGWP, is responsible for ensuring that you complete all required onboarding documentation, including but not limited to, Form I-9, W-4 and any other information an employer may require as a condition of work.


5- By registering with PGWP, an employer may require you to complete a background check and/or a Live Scan as a condition of work.  


6- PGWP does not negotiate, control or supervise the terms or conditions of any work opportunity, including but not limited to, with regard to compensation, hours, benefits, required equipment, training, schedules, work assignment or length of work, or employment policies or practices. 


7- You may have multiple employers through your use of this Registry and, accordingly, it is your responsibility to arrive on time for your designated work hours with each employer and to comply with each employer’s specific employment policies and procedures.


8- PGWP does not guarantee that positions or work hours posted on the Registry are still available or updated at the time you apply or that positions will be filled by users of the Registry.


9- PGWP does not guarantee that use of the Registry will lead to any offer of work or procurement of any hours.


10- PGWP has no obligation to screen or verify the accuracy, legality, legitimacy, truthfulness, or completeness of any information provided on the Registry, and is not responsible for such information.


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