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Long Beach Convention& Entertainment Center

LBC&EC is a mainstay of our region’s hospitality sector. WorkLB work-seekers will be staffing the 2023 Acura Grand Prix, and subsequent events.

What are the roles? Ticket sellers, Food & Beverage runners, Banquet servers, Bus Persons, Event attendants, Groundskeepers, Cooks, Bar tenders, Stewards, Cashiers, and other functions that keep diverse conferences and entertainment events running smoothly.


All positions are paid above minimum wage. (No “tipped employee” wages.) Training and induction sessions are paid. The Center is owned by City of Long Beach and operated by ASM Global. It is the employer of record for WorkLB work-seekers staffing their events. 

The Center is ideally placed for public transportation links: a short walk from the Long Beach downtown transit hub.


Demand for flexible hospitality staff is often greatest in the evening. This makes LBC&EC a useful addition to the WorkLB portfolio of options for personalized hours of work. It can provide supplemental income for workers in schools and others whose opportunities for personalized hours are usually limited to mornings and afternoons. Many events are at weekends, again, increasing possibilities for blended employment outside Monday to Friday.


WorkLB work-seekers are badged on their hospitality experience and aspirations. If you are registered with us, perhaps check your current badges in the app and let us know if anything relevant to roles like the above has been missed? Not registered but seeking work that fits around you in Long Beach? Drop us an email:

How can LBC&EC help my work portfolio?
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