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What is WorkLB?

Long Beach is the first city in the nation to support local workers with a sophisticated online platform. It fosters workforce quality and motivation by ensuring protections, controls, and progression, even for people who can’t work regular hours.

Our labor market platform covers all types of hourly work. It is accessed through an app on your phone or a website. You need to be registered with a participating employer to access the system.


Workforce agencies from states and cities around the nation have worked on plans for launch in the US. Long Beach was chosen to go first. Our preparations were  funded by the Annie Casey, Walmart, KauffmanWells Fargo and Irvine Foundations with The Workers’ Lab. now enabling operations. 

Seeking flexible work?

Email us at 

Log-in to the WorkLB platform

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Our manual on how to launch this kind of support has been open sourced. The project won US Conference of Mayors’ prize for best job or economic development initiative in America.

We originally planned to launch in early 2020 focused initially on events and hospitality. In the pandemic the Mayor pivoted our launch to responsive, at-home, childcare.


We piloted that model after hundreds of childcare professionals signed up. Workers were Covid-prepared and provided as needed support for families around the City. Non-profit Skills4Care in Long Beach was their employer-of-record.

After a public consultation on that pilot, the city committed further funding. This covers both expanding the platform across other types of work and increased provision of as-needed childcare for essential workers.

The platform is under local control. We are happy to provide log ins to a demonstration version. The launch team are based at Pacific Gateway, the public workforce board covering Long Beach and surrounding areas.

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